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A category of roadside mailbox to consider is the Premium mailbox, which is upscale and artfully crafted, but not a vandal-resistant tank like the Heavybilts. If vandalism is not a major concern and you would like a very nice mailbox in front of your home, consider a Premium mailbox. The Coronado Mailbox is one such Premium mailbox. Combining traditional rural roadside styling with luxuriant craftsmanship inspired it and finishing touches not found on comparable mailboxes. Another Premium mailbox is the Newport, by GDM, maker of the Heavybilts. The Newport offers quality Galvanic construction and many quality touches not found on a standard rural mailbox It's compatible with all of Heavybilt's posts and comes in a new two-door version. Also popular are the uniquely beautiful Floral Mailbox and Hummingbird Mailbox from Special Lite Products, including their hand-painted Hummingbird model above right. The Floral Mailbox is available in a Two-Door version which is ideal for those concerned with road safety while retrieving mail (below left). The Double Door offers the option of retrieving mail from the rear instead of having to go into the street. Special Lite is a quality company that also offers the economical heavy aluminum Classic Curbside Mailbox, also available in a double door version; and the Town Square, which is a roomy, versatile mailbox with newspaper holder options. New to the Special Lite line is the economical, attractive Savannah Mailbox. Special Lite also makes a variety of aluminum posts that make perfect companions with these mailboxes. Another choice is the heavy gauge aluminum Antique Brass Classic Rural Mailbox by Salsbury, with a beautiful finish. The Eagle Rural Mailbox offers rust-proof aluminum designer styling at a bargain price. Latest addition in this category is Qualarc's Villa Regale System, which consists of a USA-made, solid brass mailbox in a distinctive design, included with a cast aluminum mailbox post. The package is designed to project a unique, sophisticated appearance.


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