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Commercial Mail and Drop Boxes are a hot item, and we have a great selection...Whether your needs are for Private Use locking Letter Boxes and Mail Drop Slots, or large Drop Boxes, Collection and Courier Boxes, or if you are a developing wanting to comply with the current USPS standards in a CBU or 4C Horizontal multi-mailbox installation, we have the best products at the best prices on anything you might need in this category. If you are a business, government agency, hospital, university, city, or large corporation, your mail volume is typically large. In this case you probably qualify with the USPS for a commercial mailbox installation. The benefits of a commercial mailbox are many, but a primary one is that your outgoing mail will be secure, contrary to the lack of this feature for stand-alone residential mailboxes. Your postal carrier will carry the USPS Arrow Lock key, for retrieving outgoing mail and depositing incoming mail. We have several commercial mailboxes for this purpose, among these being the Letter Locker Arrow Box, the Letter Locker Collection Boxes, and most of the Fort Knox Mailboxes which can have a USPS Arrow Lock Door installed as an option. Permission is required from your local postmaster, so check with him or her before ordering.

Multi-mailbox units are the wave of the future...

...as these make mail delivery and pickup more efficient for the US Postal Service. They also make outgoing mail secure for residential mail service, and there are package compartments for Parcel Post deliveries that are secure. The latest models of USPS Approved Salsbury 3300 Series CBU, Auth Florence High Security CBU and Security Manufacturing 4C Horizontal mailbox units offer enhanced security upgrades in their design. In some cities the USPS requires that only CBU's be installed for new single family residential developments. Auth Florence's Vigilant 1565 High Security CBU units are for situations where extra security is needed. Similarly, 4C Horizontals are required for new apartment and condo buildings, as well as refurbished buildings. Security enhancements make the 4C Horizontal design a worthwhile investment for wall mounted multi-mailbox installations. Community mail centers requiring CBU installation do not have to be limited to utilitarian designs for standard CBU's. Salsburys' Regency CBU line is ideal for neighborhoods desiring a mail center with architectural appeal. Private Use Collection, Courier, and Drop Boxes are in high demand and we offer the best products available in this category with excellent prices and low shipping costs. There is a wide range to choose from, large and small.


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At Steel Mailbox Company, our mission is to offer you the largest selection of residential and commercial mailboxes at the best prices. We also carry a variety of accessories and custom mailboxes as well.

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