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Q: You are an Ohio company. Why do you charge Californians State Sales Tax?

The California Board of Equalization is cracking down on the enforcement of Regulation 1706, which requires Sales Tax to be collected on sales of products originating within the State of California, and shipped to residents of California, even if the company making the sale has no “nexus” within the State. Many of the mailbox products we offer for sale are manufactured, or shipped from, within the State of California, which is why we must comply with the law by collecting Sales Tax to California customers. Other retailers might not charge this sales tax. PLEASE BEWARE... The California Board of Equalization is intent on the enforcement of this regulation and will be aggressively moving to collect any unpaid Sales Taxes. This means that if you buy a mailbox product that is taxable as a California resident, and do not pay the Sales Tax that is due, the California Board of Equalization can come to you down the road and collect back Sales Taxes, along with penalties and interest. Think twice before you buy California products from a retailer that does NOT charge sales tax if you are a California resident


Q: Do you have a catalog?

We do not publish a print catalog because we are an Internet Marketing company, not an “all-media” marketer. The main reason we can offer quality products like the Heavybilt at such low prices is because our costs are lower than the mail order catalogs. We choose to focus on the website because it is an efficient, relatively inexpensive medium. We can also make instantaneous changes, in price, for example... with a catalog, a whole new one would have to be published for the changes to be relayed to customers.


Q: I just had my mailbox destroyed by vandals. Will you ship me a Heavybilt RIGHT NOW?

As long as we have the mailbox you want in stock it will be shipped by UPS Ground the following business day. If you wish to pay for other UPS options like 2nd Day Air, then you can authorize that and we will ship whatever way you wish for the additional charge. UPS will not deliver on Saturdays unless you are a business address, and in that case, they charge an additional $10. Federal Express is the shipper we use for residential Saturday Deliveries.


Q: I live in a foreign country and there are no mailboxes like the Heavybilt available here. Can you ship a mailbox to me in (Japan, England, Argentina, etc.)?

Again, these products are very heavy. Shipping them outside the United States would be very expensive. We can send you one, but be prepared for a very high shipping cost! We also only ship to foreign addresses if payment is made by check prior to shipment. No credit cards on foreign orders.


Q: Do you accept American Express or Discover Cards?

Yes, we now accept American Express, Discover along with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and www.PayByCheck.com.


Q: Why should I feel okay about giving out my credit card over the Internet?

We use a Secure Server for incoming orders. The information which you transmit when you submit an order is encrypted much as highly sensitive military and government communications are encrypted for optimum security. With this level of security, it may actually be safer to transmit credit card information through a Secure Server over the Internet than to place an order over the telephone. 
If you are still uncomfortable with transmitting credit card information over our Secure Server, we have offered the options of faxing your order to 425-799-1902 or you can mail in your order by printing out the mail/fax form. There is also our PayByCheck option. We have a customer service representative who can take your order by Phone during normal business hours, which you may access by calling 513-732-3508, Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time.


Q: I thought my Heavybilt was supposed to be guaranteed against damage by vandals...they beat and pounded on my Heavybilt with a sledge hammer, and now I can’t open the door. Will you send me a new one?

The warranty for the Heavybilt Mailboxes, as specified by the manufacturer, GDM Mailbox Co. LLC, specifies a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship, under normal operating conditions. It is NOT guaranteed against acts of vandalism, even thought the Heavybilts are designed to be vandal resistant, not vandal proof. No one makes a vandal proof mailbox. If vandals are determined, they can persist beyond what is considered “normal mailbox vandalism,” either by pounding on a mailbox with a sledge hammer or splitting maul for long periods of time, or even using pipe bombs or cutting torches. It is reasonable to expect at least some damage from this kind of determined efforts by vandals. Vandals have been known to dowse mailboxes with gasoline or lighter fluid and set them on fire. Even after surviving typical vandal attacks with a few nicks and scratches, there is considerable harsh exposure for a quality powder coat finish by being installed along a roadside 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Pebbles thrown up by vehicles against the paint finish can leave small chips that will eventually show some signs of rust. Salt from snow and ice control is very hard on a painted steel finish. Ocean air is highly corrosive of any painted steel finish. Auto exhaust is also very corrosive, and the sun’s Ultra Violet rays can cause powder coat paint to chalk, especially Burgundy. We highly recommend taking care of your Heavybilt Mailbox as if it were a car... clean road salt off the finish regularly, and twice per year apply a good car wax. This small chore will maintain the finish of your Heavybilt Mailbox for decades.


Q: Will a rolled up newspaper fit through the letter slot of the Heavybilt Lexington and Deluxe Lexington Self-Locking Mailbox?

The opening of the letter slot measures 1.75 inches by 7.75 inches, so a newspaper that is rolled and flattened will fit through the letter slot if it is not too thick. Sunday newspapers might not fit through the slot. However, please be aware that it is illegal for paper deliverers to put newspapers into mailboxes. Only newspapers that have been sent via U. S. Mail can be placed in a mailbox, which means your mail carrier will be doing the delivering. Newspaper tubes mounted beneath mailboxes can serve the same purpose if they are available in your area. Or try one of our aluminum newspaper holders.


Q: How do I make my outgoing mail secure?

At this time, if you are a USPS Residential Postal Patron, there is no way for you to have secure outgoing mail using a single residential mailbox, whether it is locking or non-locking. This is simply an unfortunate fact of life, born out of the USPS’ apparent inability to carry a key for every residential postal patron’s individual mailbox lock. The USPS does make allowances for users of a Commercial Mailbox. In such situations, the USPS will install its own lock on one door of a Commercial Mailbox, for accessing outgoing mail and for depositing incoming mail. One must apply for permission to install a Commercial Mailbox with the local postmaster, and approval is generally reserved for businesses, governmental agencies, corporations, institutions, etc., which have high mail volume. Another way to have secure outgoing mail is by using a USPS Approved multi-mailbox installation such as a CBU, or 4C Horizontal. These multi-mailbox units are constructed to defined USPS specifications. On these units is one locking, out-going mailbox which can only be accessed by a mail carrier with a USPS key. Otherwise, the only way for a single Residential Postal Patron to ensure outgoing mail safety is to drop off all outgoing mail at a local Post Office, or at any USPS Mail Collection Box. It is not safe to leave letters in your residential mailbox for outgoing mail if these contain any sensitive information, whether personal, legal, or financial.


Q: Can I get a Locking Insert for my existing mailbox? If I buy one of your mailboxes is there a locking insert available for it?

We have locking inserts for several of the Heavybilt Mailboxes, such as the Medium Country Estate Mailbox, the Paramount Mailbox, the Large Aluminum Country Estate Mailbox, the Hampton Estate, and the Medium Belmont Mailbox. We also have locking inserts for the Special Lite line of mailboxes. The USPS has sent mailbox manufacturers notification that they would like these manufacturers to stop making locking inserts, for whatever reasons which are known for certain to the USPS. We speculate that mail carriers do not want to have to unbundle bundled mail in order to place first class letters into a locking insert. Then they must put second class and other mail such as magazine, advertising flyers, newspapers, etc. on top of the locking insert. This involves extra work for mail carriers, which to the average person might seem to be negligible so far as the level of difficulty of this work. We believe the USPS should aid and assist the average postal patron to the utmost extent possible. Since locking inserts are the most affordable, economic way to safeguard important information which is vulnerable to identity theft and other types of fraud and theft, we believe the USPS should cooperate as much as they possibly can to enable residential mail patrons to protect this vital information. Cooperating with postal patrons who choose to buy and use a locking insert is the least the USPS can do to assist their clients in protecting their mail, their financial security, and their identities. We therefore are continuing to offer and promote the use of locking inserts, and we will assist any customer of ours who has difficulty getting his local mail carrier and postmaster to cooperate in delivering to a locking insert. We believe that locking inserts are not as good as a locking mailbox which also will protect small packages, such as prescriptions by mail, but certainly the most commonly vulnerable items delivered by mail are first class letters, bank statements, Social Security checks, securities account statements, insurance checks and statements, pension checks, etc., etc. A locking insert is the most affordable to protect this important information. Please note: while a locking insert does help protect this mail, it is not the equivalent of a theft proof safe. Mail thieves can and do use tools to gain access to locking inserts as well as other locking mailboxes, so please do not place all your faith in a locking insert for protecting your sensitive mail. Certainly, a locking insert offers a degree of protection against mail theft, but this is not 100% secure protection. The only way to obtain 100% security is to get a Post Office Box at your local Post Office. As this entails making daily trips to the Post Office for most people, in these times of rising energy prices, upgrading the security of your residential mailbox is convenient compromise.


Q: How long will it take to receive my mailbox and post?

Your order is processed as soon as it is received. Delivery times vary with each mailbox or post product. In-stock orders will be shipped on an ASAP basis. Most mailbox products are shipped factory direct to reduce overall costs by avoiding double shipment. Most Heavybilt orders ship from the factory in Huron, Ohio. Shipping times for these Heavybilt orders average from two days to two weeks out the door. Sometimes, certain Heavybilt products can take longer than two weeks, depending on product availability, metals shortages, parts, and backlog of orders. Custom addresses installed on Heavybilt take about two weeks for installation. Please allow plenty of time for these orders to ship. All Get a Deal sale items are in our warehouse ready to ship within a few days. Out-of-state checks are currently being held ten business days prior to shipping your order to ensure clearance. Following are typical shipping times for some of our products (how long it takes be shipped out the door)

Turnaround times posted below or elsewhere on this website are not guarantees, rather they are estimates based on historic performance by each manufacturer’s product and model.


Heavybilt Mailboxes and Posts - On average, recent shipping turnaround times have been one to two weeks, with some orders taking longer than this, and other orders shipping out within a few days of ordering. Shipping times are much improved over past years. FOB Huron, OH

Addressed Heavybilt Mailboxes - Allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. FOB Huron, OH

Veeders Mailboxes - Allow two to three months for these custom built, heavy duty, carbon and stainless steel mailboxes to be individually handcrafted and ready to ship. Currently 3 months on average for brushed stainless finish and 3 months for the painted finish and carbon mailboxes. FOB Cincinnati OH

Fort Knox Mailboxes - These massive mailboxes are currently being built and shipped much faster than historically. Allow at least two weeks for most orders to ship. Some basic models can ship in a few days, from Grants Pass, OR.

Oasis, Coronado - 2-7 days; addressing alow for 2-3 additional days. FOB Carson, CA

Architectural Mailboxes - 2-7 days; addressing alow for 2-3 additional days. Carson, CA

Letter Locker - 1 to 2 weeks, unless on back order or custom fabrications. Address plaques take about a week longer. Duplicate Medeco Keys take 4 weeks. Maximum Letter Lockers, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Letter Lockers are custom fabrications which take 3 to 4 weeks or more. FOB Apple Valley, CA

Mail Chest, Roadside Security, Classic Rural, Letter Box, Mail House, Modern, Masonry - 1 to 7 days. FOB Los Angeles, CA

Mail Safe Mailbox - 2 to 3 business days, FOB Florida

Victorian Mailboxes- ship on average within two days to one week of receipt of order. FOB Los Angeles

Pedestal Drop Boxes - each one is fabricated as ordered. Shipment can be anywhere from two days to two weeks. Custom Options take longer than non-custom Drop Boxes. FOB LA

CBU’s - strong demand sometimes delays orders. Currently ships in 2 to 5 business days for Salsbury CBU’s. Auth Florence High Security CBU’s ship on average 1-2 weeks - FOB California or Kansas

Cast Address Plaques - each one is custom made; allow 3 to 4 weeks to ship. FOB LA

Signature Series Address Plaques - Approximately two weeks. FOB Los Angeles, CA

Curbvault Mailbox - Most Curbvault orders ship in 2-5 business days at this time, allowing for occasional exceptions which can take longer.. FOB North Carolina

Curbside Collection Box - each is fabricated as it is ordered. Currently ships 3 to 4 weeks after ordering, from Texas; however the manufacturer plans to have this item in stock and ready to ship in the future within a few days of ordering.

TrailMaster - Made by CBU manufacturer; ship dates are now 3 to 4 weeks. FOB Texas

dVault - one to two days by common carrier on average. FOB Colorado Springs, CO

Special Lite Mailboxes and Posts - ship in three to four weeks. Some models/colors ship in 3-5 days. FOB Loyalhanna, PA

Secure Logic Mail Vault - ships in 2 to 4 business days on average from Modesto, CA

Qualarc Regency and Manchester - ships from California in approximately one week.


Q:I have a mailbox that says Steel City Corporation, Youngstown, Ohio. The door on my mailbox fell off last month, and I need a replacement. The mailbox is only 4 months old. Please send a replacement.

The short answer is, we are not Steel City Corp. We are Steel Mailbox Co., based in Batavia, Ohio, not Youngstown. We do not sell their products since they were bought out by the Solar Group. Their website is www.scity.com.